KMS are delighted to publish this short video which was made by Marc, one of the beta trial users for the mytrav app. In this video Marc explains  how to use mytrav and talks with his Mum Donna about his experience of using mytrav

Marc is a 17-year-old young man, who joined our bespoke programme at Trinity Solutions on 3rd August 2015. Marc has an EHC plan in place as he has a visual impairment, requiring a font size of Ariel Black 24. At school Marc received 1:1 support for 25% of his lessons to read/scribe for him.
Since joining the programme Marc successfully gained a placement at Asda. The feedback from Marc’s manager was tremendous. He made great progress month by month. Marc achieved a C grade GCSE in English and Functional Skills level 2 in Maths. Marc also studied Employability and Personal and Social Development (PSD). As part of Marc’s PSD he has undergone extensive travel training and had the opportunity to trial the new My Trav App. Marc is now able to navigate the Metro confidently, although buses at times can still present difficulties to Marc, especially if the windows are steamed up, dirty or it is a particularly bright and sunny day. He also still finds difficulty in judging the traffic to cross a road if there is no crossing.
In September Marc began an Internship programme at Westgate College, he is now traveling independently to his work placement at Eldon Square.

The Difference MyTrav Makes

Marc’s Mum sent us these words in an email

“My view on the My Trav App, I feel is a great idea for people who struggle getting around independently and the use of landmarks and voice overs are such a help while travelling alone.

With this App I felt a lot happier that Marc was able to get around a bit more confidently and be able to improve his travel independently.

Thanks Donna”