KIT Wristband the wrist worn mobile phone with location services has just been launched in the UK market. KIT is an out of the box solution designed to promote freedom and independent living for vulnerable people while giving their carers peace of mind.

KIT’s core propositions are simplicity and peace of mind. Carer’s can programme their phone number to the SOS silver button on KIT and the wearer can place a call to the carer by simply pressing the button. Likewise the carer can call the wearer from their mobile phone and the wearer can answer by simply pressing the SOS silver button. In addition a further 15 numbers can be programmed into KIT.

KIT comes with an iOS and Android App which enables carers to locate the whereabouts of the wearer through GPS/ LBS and WiFi location services. The added feature of WiFi makes it easier to locate the wearer indoors. The App also offers a geo fencing facility which enables you to create “safe” zones for the wearer to move about in and if they leave the geo fenced area KIT will notify you via the App. As the principal administrator you can also give designated friends and family access to the wearers location, so its easy to share “peace of mind” with all the family.

Charging KIT is simple with its magnetic induction charging cable. No messing about with USB connections. Simply bring the charging cable close to the inductive charge pad and it will magnetically connect. Under normal use KIT’s battery can last up to 3 days between charges. The App lets you see the status of the battery charge at any time and when the battery is starting to run down KIT will notify you via the App.

As a “boxed” solution KIT comes complete with its own SIM card included in the price. This means that all the voice and data requirements for the KIT service are covered in one up front price. No working about call credit and top up’s. The SIM is also designed to maximise potential network coverage in that it will find any available 2G network coverage in your area. So again you don’t have to worry about coverage, if there is a 2G network operator signal in your area KIT will find it.

KIT is now available to order for £249 inc VAT in the UK. To order or to find out more just visit