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Kit – Keep in touch

KIT wristband is a mobile phone and GPS tracker miniaturized into a simple wearable device worn on the wrist. KIT is designed for vulnerable people who are capable of and want to maintain an independent living experience. It also provides peace of mind for their carers.

The beauty of KIT is its simplicity. There is only one button on the device, no screens, no multi button applications, no keypad. By simply pressing the button KIT will call one of a nominated number of carers (up to five) whose phone numbers are pre programmed into KIT. The carer can also call KIT by simply dialing the mobile number associated with it.

In addition carers can, through any internet enabled device locate the whereabouts of the wearer using the b.con GPS platform which supports KIT. b.con features include geo fencing, battery monitor and alerting systems which notify carers when a loved one has left a “safe zone”.

While KIT cannot guarantee the absolute safety of a vulnerable loved one its dual functionality of allowing voice communication and the ability to approximately locate a loved ones whereabouts does provide a high level of peace of mind for carers who want to maintain the independent living experience of their loved one for as long as their loved one so desires.

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b.con – Connected healthcare platform

b.con is a web based geo location platform which was initially designed to support the KIT wristband allowing carers to locate the whereabouts of wearers of KIT and to manage their movements using geo fences to create safe zones and or approved routes for KIT wearers to travel within.

Highly scalable and constructed with privacy by design principals, b.con is now being further developed into a distributed secure, private and portable data management platform for the connected healthcare industry. The platform is capable of interfacing with any internet connected sensor, device or application that creates or utilises information.

For SME innovators in connected healthcare, the requirement for a data platform is as fundamental as the requirement for a hosting service. Many SME’s develop bespoke platforms that are unique to their service or device (a walled garden) at a significant cost and often without the appropriate regard to privacy by design. The platform provides an already existing solution to these challenges as well as significantly reducing the overall development costs in bringing an innovation to market.

Central to b.con’s core proposition is that the creator of any data feed to the platform retains ownership of that data (i.e the end user of the device or service). Being an interoperable system, the end user can choose to share his/her information with any number of parties. This has significant benefit and impact for health infomatics in general. The device or service provider retains access to the data for the specific purpose which the device or service required it in the first place.

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My Trav – Independent Travel App

Working in partnership with Telefonica/O2 and Newcastle City Council KMS has developed an Android App “MyTrav” which is currently in Beta Testing. MyTrav is designed to enable children with Special Education Needs (SEN) to undertake independent travel.

MyTrav enables a travel trainer to create any journey to be undertaken by the user and store this journey on the app. Journeys consist of a start and end point with a series of landmarks in between. As the user starts the journey they are presented with a prompt, which is generally in the form of a photo of the landmark accompanied with either a recorded voice or text instruction as to what to do next.

As the user approaches the next landmark and they reach a pre-defined and configurable radius form the landmark the next prompt will appear.

If the user goes off journey they will receive an alert and will be asked if they require help and are offered a range of options from triggering an emergency alert to phoning one of a number of contacts or sending a text message.

The anticipated time to travel between landmarks is also a configurable value in MyTrav and if a user is beyond this time MyTrav will trigger an alert.

The user can see their progress through the journey and can look at is as a linear series of landmarks or on a map view. When a journey is completed the user receives a message congratulating them on completing the journey.

Carers for the user can access the secure b.con platform, which enables them to monitor the progress of the user. When a user, goes off route, fails to arrive or is beyond the allotted time to travel between two landmarks the carer will receive either a text or email alert.

In October 2015 MyTrav won “Project of the Year – Public Sector in the Dynamites 15 Awards which are the Technology and Telecoms awards for the North East of England.

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Independent Living


Based in Manchester KMS Solutions Ltd was founded with the purpose of utilising technology to deliver healthcare solutions via simple to operate and easy to understand products. These solutions enhance the independent living experience and peace of mind for users and their carers. Operating on the KMS b.con connected healthcare platform these solutions have been designed either directly by KMS or in association with other industry partners.


MyTrav: app launched to help special needs children travel independently

Cllr Kingsland of Newcastle City Council talks about the award winning MyTrav app.

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MyTrav App designed by KMS Solutions and powered by the KMS B.Conn platform wins Dynamites 15 Award

The MyTrav App designed by KMS in association with O2 for Newcastle City Council…..

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KMS @ Alzheimer’s Show Manchester 2014

KMS have partnered up with the national support charity ‘United Response’…..

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KMS at Consumer Electonics Show 2014 (CES) in Las Vegas

KMS Solutions will exhibit the KMS Wristband prototype at the Consumer Electonics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 2014.

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Peace of mind


Managing Director

John has 25 years full experience in senior management roles, covering sales,marketing, operations and general management including full P&L responsibility and managing teams in excess of 30 people.

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John Hearns

Director and Co-Founder

Through my work with the charity I recognised the need to be able to deliver housing as an integral part to getting the support for the induvial right….

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Chris Etchells

Head of Development

Andy has created many bespoke software solutions and since 2002 has developed numerous gaming and social media solutions seen on many of gaming websites.

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Andy Giblin

Non Executive Director

I specialise in working with dynamic high growth potential businesses, some of which are well established, but understand they need to change and adapt to realise their potential…

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David Roberts


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